August 21, 2011


Hånstaur/Entre Ondas Imóveis C58

Oslo, Norway-based Faxmaskin's three-track, half-hour debut exhibits a genuine affection for vintage analogue sounds, shifting from swirling synths to more subdued drone-y kraut pop before ultimately climaxing on the all-out Basic Channel-esque 17+ minute title track.

Brazilian wunderkind Felipe Ferla da Costa calms things down considerably on the second side with a set of tranquil ambient drones that transports the listener from vast oceans depths to outer space and back. Originally self-released digitally earlier this year these five pieces are finally given an official hard copy release.

Pro-dubbed high quality normal bias cassettes limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

Faxmaskin - Om hundre år er alt glemt [excerpt]

Ferla - Na Vertigem Do Dia [excerpt]